Experience has shown that one important basis in the recruiting of staff has been using the appropriate method of recruitment. This basic structure can be individually tailored to customer requirements and special needs to define the perfect solution.
An intensive verbal exchange with you will result in us putting together an exact profile of the position and its suitable candidate. Among the professional requirements we are especially interested in the personality of the applicant, to attain the previously mentioned personal-fit and in order to narrow down the choice. For example, we are interested in: the spirit of the team, values of the corporate culture, structure of the organization, which soft skills should the ideal candidate show, just to name a few.
Using state-of-the-art-tools, digital data processing, recommendations from within our networks, as well as engaging in professional telephone contacts, we are able to set up a pre-selection of suitable candidates. This recruitment process can be applied world-wide. By using objective interview techniques, we attain information, if the candidate matches the requirements of the vacancy in terms of professionalism and personality, as well as evaluating the personal-fit. Two to three weeks later, you will receive a detailed profile of the candidate with all relevant data for your decision-making process.
We will take care of all organisational details for your interviews and discuss these afterwards – together with you and the candidates – to gather personal impressions, answer open questions and decide further steps for future interviews. Additionally, we can check and collect references for you.
Advising towards the final selection und support during the contractual phase with the candidate are part of our services. Even after signing the employment contract we will stay in close contact with you and your new employee to ensure an optimal integration time.